Best Halloween Hanging Flaming Cauldron
Most Popular Hanging Flaming Cauldron used at Halloween!
This is the most popular of the flaming cauldrons.

Great effect and safe to use.

Silk "flames" are powered by a mini motor.

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Hanging Flaming Cauldrons add a nice touch to add to your Halloween decorations.

The flames are made of silk and flicker through the use of halogen lights and a mini fan to blow the flames.
They are far more impressive in the dark than in the day time :)

You can sit them on the porch or hang them up.

You plug the fan in to a regular outlet.  They are a great effect to your decor and the kids love them.

They are inexpensive and fun.

The two most popular brands are this one and this one.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!
Fake Flaming Cauldron for your Halloween Decor
Best Halloween Hanging Flaming Cauldron
Awesome selection of hanging flaming cauldrons to use for hallowween
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Table Top Flame Lamp
An option from the hanging flames.

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Fake Flaming Cauldron
These flaming cauldrons have silk "flames" and flicker by a mini fan.  You plug it in to an outlet.

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